Artist in Residence

Artist in Residence

Artist in Residence at The Royal Danish Academy, School of Design, Bornholm

The Royal Danish Academy, School of Design Bornholm are offering a residency for two artists working in glass.

Selected artists will be given the time and space to develop a new project or body of work in glass. The residency provides six weeks access to studio facilities at the glass department at KADK Bornholm and basic materials.

The residencies are offered to professional glass artists, who are expected to be proficient in the processes and techniques discussed in their residency application.

The period of the residency is granted to the named resident only, partners and other makers are not allowed to work in the studios during this time.


KADK Bornholm
KADK Bornholm is part of The Royal Danish Academy, School of Design and offers a three-year advanced education under the Ministry of Education that qualifies artist craftsmen in the field of glass or ceramics.
The school has an ideal layout with large bright workshop facilities filled with state-of-the-art equipment in all of the working areas, including a small workshop for woodwork and metalwork. The school also contains a large room for drawing, various classrooms and a library with professional related literature, books and magazines.

Residents will be operating within an educational facility working alongside a priority
programmed timetable and will not be required to enter into any teaching situation. However it is expected that the AIR will engage in dialogue with the students, about their work, methods and professional experiences and to give feed back to student questions.
The resident will hold a lecture about their work, open for the students and to the interested public.

During the period of the residency it is incumbent on the resident to communicate, aid and assist his or her fellow resident in an open and friendly manner. This interaction and exchange is seen as being one of the benefits and challenges of the residence period.


Technical facilities:

  • The hot shop includes 2 electric furnaces with clear glass, 4 glory holes in varied sizes and all other regular hot shop equipment like pick up kilns, benches, marvers, powder booth, basic hand tools, pipes and irons in various sizes, ladles for casting, blocks etc.
  • The kiln area includes 5 kilns in various sizes, worktables, workshop for plaster work, engraving and a separate area for wax work.
  • The cold shop includes belt sander, diamond flatbed, carborundum flatbed, diamond drill, 2 diamond saws, air tool, 2 freestanding lathes for cutting and polishing and 2 sandblasting cabins.

Residents have 24 hour access to the general school. The hot shop is open 6 days a week 06-18.00. Residents will be provided with min 4 hours access to hot and cold shop facilities daily, organized around the teaching schedule. Residents will be offered their individual worktable within an open educational facility.


Residents at KADK Bornholm will be offered a private room in the accommodation area at Bright Park Bornholm, also situated in Nexø. The accommodation area shares a kitchen and lounge, and is also used as a hostel. 
As a user of the workshop and accommodation, the artist is responsible for keeping the premises clean and in good condition and for cleaning them on departure.


The resident is responsible for organizing and paying for their own travels to and from Bornholm, Denmark.


The residency will provide basic materials like access to studio facilities and clear glass. Visiting artists are responsible for providing, bringing or preordering colors and any specialist materials and tools other than the basics provided by KADK Bornholm.
Assistance with contact info to suppliers in Europe is available on request.


KADK Bornholm has no insurance coverage; the AiR shall have their own insurance.

Credit: Anders Beier

1. September – 15. October 2016


Application deadline and notification
Deadline: 1 May 2016 / Notification: 15 May 2016
Applications are no longer accepted


The two selected AiR's are:

Aric Snee, US

Dan Bowran, UK





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