The Moment After. – Alina

Tanja Pak

I work as an artist and as a designer. I tend to reach below the surface, until the glass becomes merely the bearer of stories, metaphors, expressions; a skin of my thought. In spatial installations, individual units become parts of a story of greater dimension, inserted in the given space, which itself carries within mute testimony, inscribed on its surface like a palimpsest.

“There is essentially no time in these images, or rather it is concealed, life is at point zero, time is actually zero, duration is absent in them. And nevertheless present; time as prediction from the past-to-the-future is the most appropriate term; it bestows upon all the oncoming images an aftertaste of timelessness in a special form, and in the experience that leads us to pleasure, which is not merely a result of aesthetic construction, but the “hearkening” of the meaning of the work: jouissance as j'ouïs sens."
From text by Andrej Medved

The Moment After. – Alina
Within / I held my breath in, but the world kept on dreaming

Royal College of Art, London, UK

Academy of Fine Arts and Design,
University of Ljubljana, SI

Public collections: 

European Central Bank, Frankfurt, DE
Nova Ljubljanska banka, SI
Museum of American Glass, NJ, US
National Museum of Slovenia, SI
Ljubljana Castle, SI

Image info: 

The Moment After. – Alina
Free blown glass, stainless steel construction
Dimensions vary
Soundtrack: Arvo Part / Fur Alina
Photo: Boris Gaberšcik

Under the water's skin, among the trickling steps, they fade for an instant like airy rain, disturbing the surface up above. They pour with crystal laughter, like bubbles through water. They sink through the reflection back into their own gaze, watching them from under the water's skin. For me, a droplet represents a held breath, a moment of time, frozen, a memory in disappearance, fluidity itself. The installation is based on the music of Arvo Part/Fur Alina, which always felt to me like raindrops falling through me, rather than around me. The light fades slowly and very subtly, changing intensity from one group of droplets to the next, thus enhancing the feel of flowing. The metal constructions appear as upside down reflections of water disturbances following the fall of a drop to the surface. The droplets are rain; they are memories, thoughts, feelings and dreams…


Within / I held my breath in, but the world kept on dreaming
The Trees are part of the installation Within / I held my breath in, but the world kept on dreaming.
Lost wax cast glass, wooden trunks, barks, light
Soundtrack: Philip Glass / Violin Concerto No.1
Dimensions vary, each tree between 3,40 and 3,80 m
Photo: Peter Koštrun

“ …Birds quietly flying go flying through us. O, I that want to grow! the tree I look outside at is growing in me!” R.M. Rilke "Infinity is within us. It depends on a kind of proliferation of being that is inhibited by life, arrested by caution, but which continues in isolation. As soon as we are motionless, we are elsewhere: we dream in the infinite world. Infinity is the movement of motionless man. Infinity is one of the dynamic properties of peaceful dreaming." Gaston Bachelard